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Abacus Cambridge Partners (“Abacus”), is a company galvanised by the global economic transformation being propelled by the fourth industrial revolution. At Abacus, we believe that forces of change are increasing exponentially and that enterprises need to act smarter, more decisively, and faster to keep up with this change and capture the opportunities that present themselves at any given time. With this inspiration, we partner with our customers, technology leaders, and talent and innovate together to unlock new possibilities. Leveraging expertise across diversified industries and all business functions, we help our customers to accelerate business transformation by converting ideas into innovative, secure, and scalable business solutions.

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Resource Augmentation- From Trend to Necessity

With a talent shortage affecting over half of organizations, the need for effective solutions is more pressing than ever. That’s where Resource Augmentation comes in to augment top talent that excels. According to Oxford Economics, McKinsey, and Upwork, technology resource augmentation is being rapidly adopted, providing organizations with a range of benefits. With Profacus, you can save costs, increase efficiency, gain access to specialized expertise, remain flexible, and enjoy scalable solutions.
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How we work:

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Step 1:

Describe your talent needs with precision and detail, including experience, skills, and education, and watch us bring them to life. Click Hire from Profacus now.

Step 2:

Tap into our vast network and extensive database as we hunt for the perfect talent, conducting interviews to handpick the top three candidates for you.

Step 3:

Through thorough screening and interviews, we will pinpoint talents that align perfectly with your needs, with your involvement every step of the way.

Step 4:

Experience a hassle-free deployment and onboarding process as we ensure a smooth integration for your chosen candidate(s).

Don't let a talent shortage hold you back

Avail Profacus’ resource augmentation services today to unleash your full potential today.

Resource Augmentation

Hire qualified resources globally and elevate your business.
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Talent Acquisition

Build robust teams by hiring the best talent abroad.

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Payroll Services

Ensure your team is paid accurately, timely, and compliantly.

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Talent Assessment

Use our online assessment solutions to make informed hiring decisions.

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