Upgrading your SAP Landscape is no easy task. But, pairing mission-critical applications like SAP with Google Cloud Platform’s Apigee means enterprises can free up their resources to meet the changing demands, simplify processes and workflows, introduce data governance and maturity, and focus on strategic initiatives like the move to SAP S/4HANA.

We understand. With unprecedented changes occurring at a blistering pace in this economic climate, it can be challenging to plan for the future. Long-term investments, especially those with a long break-even period, are set aside. With the upcoming migration required by SAP from ECC to SAP S/4HANA, some investments can be delayed but not for long. However, if you are currently planning out your path to SAP migration and modernization, you should know that there are partners who excel in turning this initiative into a complete ERP Transformation; ensuring that in the process, you can achieve:

  • Rapid or low to no-downtime during your migration
  • New revenue streams by unlocking your data
  • Acceleration of your current process through Application Modernization
  • Positive Returns on your Investment within 1-2 years (Combined with SAP Migration Services, ROI can be even less)

With SAP modernization, you have the opportunity to expand the capabilities of your SAP ERP landscape, irrespective of the product type.

How to Overcome Challenges

Any digital transformation contains significant hurdles to overcome. IT landscapes, especially for legacy systems, are very messy. Data is difficult to unlock, and it's distributed across many systems that have been built up over time. It's clear that for a business network to thrive, it requires a digital ecosystem. By using the Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) Apigee layer on top of your SAP ERP, you have the ability to expose your SAP data easily and securely — to both your internal ecosystem and external partners.

What’s next

Embark on Your SAP Modernization and Migration Journey with Confidence

With the suite of tools and services GCP offers, accessing SAP data becomes manageable, and data governance becomes incredibly easier. Further, providing the right data — reliably — to business partners (when it's needed, without giving too much or too little access) requires significant IT support, which simply isn't an issue when using SAP on GCP. The Apigee tools enable organizations of all sizes to connect their data, analyze trends/anomalies, improve processes, and innovate their business faster than ever before with flexible access.

When is it Best to Initiate Your SAP Modernization and Migration?

To put it simply – there's no better time than now.

If there were a way to make your current business processes more efficient, your expenses would shrink. If there were a way to create new connections, new customers, and even new products, your revenues would grow. And if there were a way to capture the key elements of your digital assets, create a more stable data platform that grows with you, and ensure that data is protected—your business would be equipped for growth and shielded from the unprecedented changes ahead.

We are helping enterprises unlock the true potential of their data faster than ever before. Abacus and its ecosystem of partners have created the most powerful SAP Modernization and Migration strategy available. We have successfully transformed many businesses like yours, we're trusted award-winning partners of SAP & Google Cloud, and excel at guiding you through this process. Abacus understands the intricate details of both SAP and GCP, which allows an extremely efficient and smooth implementation and migration experience. In addition, we’ve partnered with SUSE and SNP, proven leaders in their fields, providing you with their combined skills to ensure that your transformation is robust and successful. Abacus is here to turn a necessary investment into a transformative opportunity for your business. So, if you’re looking for SAP Modernization & Migration, SAP Migration to GCP, SAP Modernization with Google Cloud, Running SAP on SUSE, or want to optimize your SAP Landscape, look no further!

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